EVP Evidence

Burlington County Prison Museum

This Class A EVP of an unknown entity saying “Just Leave” caught during a joint investigation with SPIRT of PA on Aug. 19, 2009. (The clip has been enhanced to eliminate background ambient noise and amplify the volume. Audio was enhanced with Audacity 1.3)

Mauch Chunk Opera House – Jim Thorpe, PA

This EVP is of an unknown spirit answering questions about his job in the Opera House. The Spirit states that he was an Usher. This investigation was in cooperation with members of Paranormal Underground Project and Tri County Paranormal of Pennsylvania.

Fort Mifflin (Visit #2)

Groaning from a disembodied spirit in Casemate #5

Private Residence – Douglassville, PA

EVP “Help Me” Caught by Investigator Travis Cain


EVP “Help Me” Caught by Investigator Dave Larcombe. This EVP is the same voice and statement as the above EVP caught by Investigator Travis Cain. This recording was enhanced to increase volume to determine what was being said. It was enhanced with Audacity 1.3


This audio recording is of a spirit responding to Investigator Dave Larcombe’s request for confirmation of presence through a knock or a bang. This was caught by Investigator Travis Cain.