New Net Time / New Net Channels

Greetings Friends! Every week the World Paranormal Net grows and grows with new Hams checking in and sharing their views on the Paranormal. Well, they’re new to the net at least. This is because the reach of the Net has expanded thanks to N0STY and The Friends Ham Radio Network. The Friends Network links up with our home on the Western Reflector Channel 9251 and Echolink World Conference Server. This broadens our footprint by leaps and bounds to not only Hams around the world but Non Ham Listeners as well.

The Friends Network has quite an extensive network of connections and ways to listen and participate in their Nets. The Friends Network operates on the IRLP on Great Lakes Reflector Channel 9618 which is also cross linked to the Friends Conference Server on Echolink. However, it doesn’t stop there, they are also connected to Allstar Node 27408 and stream their audio to their channel on Broadcastify. That’s quite a reach!!! I’m excited to see where the future takes us and grateful for The Friends Network becoming a part of the World Paranormal Family! This is gonna be awesome!!!!

The Paranormal Net is also moving to a new time slot! Starting June 6th, 2017 we will begin the net at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific. This will allow us to hopefully bring in even more new friends and also serves to not make me late for work….which is definitely a plus! However, on Tuesday May 30, 2017 we will begin at 8:30 for that day only! So be sure to tell ALL your friends, Ham and Non-Ham alike, because now everyone can listen in!

Again, I want to personally thank Nasty and The Friends Ham Radio Network for helping us to grow our family and linking their network to us during the net. Please go check out their website Friends Ham Radio for all the info on their vast list of nets including the Morning Radio Net that runs Monday-Sat at 8am Mountain on IRLP Reflector 9618 and the Echolink Friends Conference. I look forward to talking to you all on the nets and thanks for checking in! 73 de KD2KVZ

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