The Team



Dave Larcombe (KD2KVZ)

Net Manager | Net Control Operator

Dave leads the Team for World Paranormal Net as Net Manager and Primary Net Controller. Dave holds a General Class Amateur Radio Operators License and serves as an Emergency Coordinator for Atlantic County ARES/AUXCOM and as Asst. Coordinator for Atlantic County SKYWARN for the National Weather Service. Dave is also a Partner and Founder in the Paranormal Underground Project which produces the World Paranormal Net.

Michelle Larcombe

Exec. Producer | Creative Director | Research Specialist

James Maitland

Executive Producer | Investigator

Jim is one of the founders of the Paranormal Underground Project. Jim lends his knowledge, experiences and expertise to the World Paranormal Net and is one of the host of the Paranormal Underground Podcast.  Jim is considered to be one of the leading experts in the Paranormal Field in Paranormal Resolutions.

Stephen Edwards

Executive Producer | Investigator

Stephen is one of the founders of Paranormal Underground Project and a skilled and powerful medium. Stephen lends his knowledge, experiences and medium services to the production of the World Paranormal Net.